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Until March 1, 2020: Call for papers Conference Comenius & Pansophia

An international conference is being organised to commemorate after 350 year, the day of Jan Amos Comenius’ death (1592-1670). The conference will be held in Naarden ⁄ Amsterdam from 12–15 November 2020. The title of the conference: ’Comenius & Pansophia: Search for System, Method and Harmony of All Things’.

Presenters are asked to send an abstract (100-300 words, in Englisch or German) and a short academic biography (including name, degree, and current affiliation) by 1 March 2020 to comenius2020@comeniusmuseum.nl.

The conference committee will make the final selections by 15 April 2020.

If you wish to have more information, please see below.

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Jan Amos Komenský - (1592 - 1670)